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The travel agency recently visited the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino, gave tips for wellness vacationers and got a taste of the new Zoetry Resort Aruna, which will include the company's first water bungalows. Over Water Bungalow opens this summer on the Caribbean coast, just a few miles from the island's capital Antigua.

The resort in Aruba is set in a historic coconut plantation and comprises 14 casitas, decorated in a bright coastal style and more like apartments than hotel rooms. The Aruna skyscraper offers a variety of amenities, including a fitness centre, a spa, fitness and gym, as well as an indoor pool and spa. All the needs of guests are met during their stay, with a wide range of wellness services, fitness classes, yoga, massage and massage services and even a yoga studio.

Read the resort's detailed description and learn more about the best hotels and resorts in Aruba and other Caribbean islands. Buy or rent an Aruban TimeshareNow private property or gogo directly and buy it directly from the official website. This guide contains all the good accommodations in Aruba as well as tips and tricks for your next trip to the island.

If you need to be careful about your spending in Aruba, Airbnb is the perfect place for you. If you are looking for the comfort of a resort but plan to eat and explore much of Aruba without accommodation, then the other hotels and resorts are a perfect option. Another option for your trip to Aruba is Ibiza, a popular Aruna timeshare resort, located just minutes from the airport, within walking distance of the powdery sands of Manchebo Beach and a short drive from all popular tourist attractions.

The Beach Club, which offers free loungers for relaxing and snorkeling, is fine, but there is no access to one of Aruba's popular tourist attractions, such as Manchebo Beach. Playa Linda, another resort in Aruban, does not offer much evening entertainment. It is located outside the hotel, where guests will find a variety of nightlife options and guests can visit it in the evening - themed entertainment in the evening as well as for late dinner.

Finding hotels and resorts in Aruba is easy, and almost all are located in one of the most developed tourist areas in the country. Many luxury hotels in Aruban are also located at the island's most popular tourist attractions, such as Manchebo Beach, Boca Raton and Bonaire.

This eco-friendly resort in Aruba has won numerous awards, including Tripadvisor's 2016 award for Best Hotel in the World and Best Hotel in 2017. The Surf Club and Ocean Club are right next door to each other, and I think the Ritz-Carlton is the best, followed by the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel and the Marriott by Hilton in Boca Raton, Bonaire. Next to the Aruban Marriott Hotel is the Surf Club, the most popular tourist attraction on Manchebo Beach and next to it is the RITA Carlton. Courthouse Aruna Resort is a luxury hotel with pool, spa, restaurant, fitness center and spa, and is in line with other luxury hotels on the island, such as Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott.

Guests generally rate the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino as 5 stars and the Marriott by Marriott Hotel as 4 stars. Guests generally rate the Hilton Aruban Caribbean Hotel and Casino 3 stars and 2 stars on TripAdvisor and TripAdvisor's review of this Boca Raton, Bonaire hotel. Guests gave the Aruna Marriott Resort, Stellaris Casino and Hilton by Hilton in general a 1 star rating, but a 0 star rating and a 0 rating on the TripADvisor website.

Bucuti Tara Beach Aruba Resort has 104 rooms ranging in size from 430 to 1,200 square meters. All three Marriott Aruna resorts include a Kids Club, and there is a fitness center, fitness and fitness equipment, spa and wellness facilities, abbeys, a pool and spa, and a fitness center. The MarriottAruba Surf Club has a teen-only video game area and includes a pool, beach volleyball, volleyball, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts.

Barcelo Aruba is a stunning all-inclusive resort that also houses a boutique hotel. Royal Level is the club level in Barcelos Aruna and offers luxury, sophistication and exclusive services. It offers six categories of accommodation, including a swimming pool, fitness centre, spa and wellness facilities, abbeys, swimming pool and gym. Bucuti Tara Beach Resort Aruta has two restaurants offering innovative cuisine around the clock, as well as a bar and a hairdresser's shop. Phoenix BeachAruba Resort offers six categories of accommodation, including a wellness center, gym, tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools, saunas, beach volleyball and tennis courts, and a fitness center. Read more about events in Ar Cuba in our blog entry "Upcoming Events in Araba" or take a look at our events calendar.

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